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30 Days of Thanksgiving - web of life

30 Days of Thanksgiving – Nov 26

After writing for 25 days on being thankful, one begins to wonder if one is getting repetitive! As I reflect on this day, I am thankful for the web of life. All of us, all of creation, are intricately interrelated. When one hurts, that hurt reverberates. When someone is joyful, the currents of life bubble with delight. When one needs help, that web pulls tight and holds that person until the need has passed. The wonder of it all is that I never know where in my sphere I am going to get that unexpected lift or tug that will shape my day and allow me to respond with and through the love of God. I am thankful for those interconnections that God planned for us to have when God created community. One of the pleasures of these connections is that sometimes the string of the web is close by and other times that web stretches across miles – none of that matters as the community of Christ reaches out to hold and care for others. Thank you, God, for the community around me. Thank you for those seemingly thin filaments that have not only amazing strength but incredible elasticity to bring us back to where we belong and surround us with loving care.

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