• Rev Beverly Kahle

Colors of Fall

30 days of being Thankful Nov 2

I am so amazed by God’s creativity. Today, I drove east on I-64 to meet my cousin for lunch. We do this every so often, as our schedules allow, always splitting the distance. As I was driving the I-64 corridor, my eyes feasted on the colors of fall – all shades of yellow, orange, red, and, yes, some green. I tried to ignore the browns, but even they added depth to the cacophony of colors that screamed look and see how good God is that God would treat us to this masterpiece of beauty every year. I am so thankful that we serve a God who reminds us to live life in full color. The deep, rich tones of autumn remind me that life in God is also filled with that same richness and depth.

While I was driving over this morning, the skies were gray. A light fog drenched the landscape. The drabness of the morning couldn’t smother the glow and beauty of the leaves. I was struck that this is so true of life. The dreariness of living, the tedium of everyday life cannot prevent the joy and brilliance of God in our lives. Then, this afternoon coming home, the sun came out. As the rays struck the trees, the leaves seemed to glow. Much the same way as our lives take on a brilliance when we allow God’s presence to break through the gloom of this world and touch our souls.

So, thank you God for giving me this feast of autumn color not only as a treat for my eyes, but a promise for my soul as I seek to let you color my life.


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