• Rev Beverly Kahle

30 days of Thanksgiving –The routine

This may sound strange – but today I am thankful for the routine after the holiday. For it’s in the routine, as I have said before, that God becomes most accessible to me. Holidays are filled with all the extras and the added expectations both from within me and form outside. But, in the routine I can relax in God and spend the time on our relationship. I can put aside all of the rush and focus. With Advent just around the corner and Christmas a month away, this routine won’t last long, but perhaps just long enough to regain perspective for the next big push. During the routine, energy gets renewed, and creativity is allowed the time to ferment. So thank you, God, for those mountaintop experiences and the excitement of holidays, but thank you that they are followed by the routine, normal, day to day stuff. We all need these times of just being. Thank you, God, for the chance to just be with you in our routine.


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