• Rev Beverly Kahle

What are you thankful for today?

Today, in response to these musings that I have been sharing, a good friend from Indy sent me a quote. It is from an article entitled, "Uncommon Gratitude" by Carey Scott, published in the "Just Between Us" magazine. The quote :

"Gratitude is the lens that helps us focus on the positive. It turns our not enough into abundance and our hopelessness into expectation. It brings clarity to confusion and perspective to chaos. It comforts us and ushers in peace. Without it we will miss the fullness that life has to offer."

Yes, as my friend (who is a much more gifted writer that I am) pointed out this is beautiful and we do have much to be thankful for. Gratitude does color and define our lives. I am thankful for friends who share their hearts and inspire me to keep checking and cleaning the lens through which I interpret the world so that I might have a clearer view of God's great and amazing steadfast love and faithfulness. To all my friends: Daily, you help me focus my lens so I can see and experience God's love more clearly. I am can do this because I can see his reflection in you and through your actions. Thank you for helping me see the positive and clearing away the chaos so that I may know God's abundance and experience God's fullness. My prayer is that you, too, may share that same gift


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