• Rev Beverly Kahle

30 days of being Thankful –Unique

I came across a quote from B.R. Jensen the other day. It begins, “God wrote a book about you before you were born.” It goes on to say that each page of this book tells the story of our lives. Jensen reminds us that we were created to touch the lives of others in a unique way that is special to each of us. None of us will live our lives exactly the same – which is not only okay, but it’s the way God intended. Each of us will have opportunities that will allow us to show God’s love to others. Our stories are distinctly ours. Each of us must live out our own story. Jensen ends the quote with, “You are unique and so is your story…and it’s one of the Author’s (God’s) favorite reads.”

I am thankful that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139.14), unlike anyone else. Thank you, God, for not only making me in your image, but loving me exactly as you made me. God, may I have the grace and courage to accept and love others just as you made them. Together, Lord, as your creation, may we learn to love and appreciate each other’s stories as we celebrate our uniqueness and our unity as your children.


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