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30 days of being Thankful – even when I’m not

I grew up in Indiana; that part of Indiana that came to their senses while I was still fairly young and decided that all this clock changing from one season to another was unnecessary. It really didn’t add any more daylight to the day so we just left our clocks alone. It was wonderful. Then a few years ago, the governor worked hard to convince everyone that it hurt the Indiana economy to not participate in daylight savings time like the rest of the country. So, I grudgingly was dragged into changing clocks, (I still have my own protest, though, half of my clocks in my house are on standard time, the other half on daylight savings time) which I still have the joy of experiencing here in Illinois (too much sarcasm?). So why am I sharing this when I am supposed to be writing on being thankful? I could say that I am thankful for the opportunity to vent, which I am, but it really does have a purpose.

In the Bible we are frequently reminded to live in thanksgiving – regardless of the circumstances. I Thessalonians 5.18 tells us to give thanks in all circumstances. So, I picked the time change, which I really don’t like, and I am working on being thankful for it. Even though in the depths of my being I see absolutely no sane reason to change clocks– did I mention I really don’t like it? – but because I’m commanded to give thanks, I will find a reason to be grateful. I’m really working on this – I will find a reason to give God thanks and mean it. Like, I’m grateful it is light when I go to work in the morning.

I purposely chose something some may consider a bit insignificant – but there is a fundamental principle here. It’s the basis of why I am even bothering to write for 30 days on thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is an attitude and a choice. Living in thanks makes living more positive – even when the tragic happens, we are to look for ways and reasons to give thanks. This is not to make light of serious problems, but when we can find something for which to be grateful it helps us cope with the tragedy and in a sense gives us back some control. We may not be able to control the situation, but we can control how we let it color and shape us. Through thankfulness, we can gain a sense of stability. I am grateful that even in those times and situations that I struggle to find a measure of thankfulness, God is still present and working his promise to eventually allow me to say thank you and mean it. Sometimes that thanksgiving is the realization that God has never deserted me and walks with me through everything I face no matter how awful. And that realization of God’s presence and strength regardless is truly something for which to be thankful. Now, God, let’s go back and talk about these time changes…

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