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30 days of being Thankful – the day after

30 days of being Thankful – the day after Nov 7, 2018

I have seen so many posts on social media that celebrate the day after the elections – not necessarily because of the outcomes (though sometimes that is the case), but because finally all those attacking political ads are finished and gone!

I am thankful for the day after. Maybe I am more thankful for the promise of a day after. No matter what it is that we must face today, there will be a day after and another day after that. The day after is a promise for the future. It allows hope to spring forth. Knowing that there will be an “after” reminds me that whatever I am going through today, will eventually end and will be replaced with something new. This hope gives strength for today. The knowledge of a day after gives hints that things will change and whatever we are enduring will end (just like the political ads!). That day after may not be tomorrow, or even the next day, but there will be a day after. This is part of God’s promise to us – that even when life on this world ceases, there will still be a day after as we move to the new heaven and the new earth. In Christ, there is always a day after when the troubles, trials, and problems of today will pass away. I find comfort in that – I just need to hang on – things will change and there will come a day after. Praise God!

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