• Rev Beverly Kahle

30 days of being Thankful - freedom

30 days of being Thankful - freedom Nov 6, 2018

I am thankful that I live in a country that we are free to have and express our own opinions. Today is a day that we peacefully assemble. We cast our ballots and we wait for the outcome. We may agree with the results and celebrate, or we may heave a heavy sigh and cringe at the thought of what will take place until the next election when we once again will have a chance to vote and express ourselves. The point is this will be done relatively peacefully. This isn’t true of all nations. So, I thank God that whatever the outcome, we will still have the freedom to agree and disagree as we remain civil to one another. We still have the avenues to peacefully express our opinions and influence our government. Thank you, God, for this gift. I hope you didn’t abuse it but used that freedom to vote.


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