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Time's running out...

“Tick tock, tick tock, count the seconds on the clock” – this was the start of an old sideline basketball cheer used to remind the team that time was running out. Eons ago, when I was in high school, we used that one when it was close to the end of a quarter or the half– “time for a basket – a two points. (sorry, my high school days in Indiana predate the three pointer)”

I am reminded of that cheer as the final seconds of the year count down and as I reflect on what all has transpired. I realize that time is running out…reports to write, bills to pay, still in the Christmas season but decorations to take down, New Year’s celebrations to plan, and not much time until the last second of the year. I experience a sense of urgency to complete things. So I dig in to look at where I am, where I’ve been and how to score those last “points” before time runs out!

As I threaten to wax nostalgic and get caught up in memories – passing the ball too many times - I remember, the past is past. While I have made mistakes, I have also had some successes. Things have not always gone the way I anticipated. The year has been filled with joys and sorrows. Some things I would change, others have provided blessing beyond measure. I’m not sure that I am ready for this year to end. I want one more chance. But as I look back, reflecting on the year as those seconds tick off of the clock, I am reminded that another year is waiting. Just like in the basketball game, another quarter, another half, more games are waiting to be played. So I give everything one last shot as I tie up whatever details that I can, and wonder is it enough? But I can’t worry about the past, except to learn from it. I need to look at the present and what is to come.

As time runs out of this year, we have another year before us. Another opportunity to “win” this game of life that God has given us (I often think how sad that basketball had not been invented, yet, when the Bible was being written – what fun Jesus could have had with using it for his parables!, but I digress). We have another complete year to live, use and spend to honor and glorify God – to make changes so that we come closer to running God’s game plan and re-focus once again on the final goal – a life that glorifies God as we live it through Jesus Christ.

Maybe this year has been a good one for you. Maybe this year has been difficult. Or perhaps you feel like you never real got things together and you spent a whole lot of time spinning your –oops, wrong metaphor – dribbling the ball – in one place, not getting anywhere. Regardless, 2018 is another opportunity, another half if you will, to use the time that we have in ways that make a difference.

So, as the seconds tick off the clock, may we put to rest the year that has been, and look ahead to what will be, adjusting “our game” to fit God’s plan and may we make every second of this year count as we follow where God will lead us and seek to follow the Christ whose birth we just celebrated.

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