• Pastor Bev

Looking for Jesus

At the beginning of the month, I challenged you all to live November in Thanksgiving, looking for ways that God reaches into your life and blesses you. Then in a moment of craziness, I said something about the Facebook trend during Thanksgiving to each day post something for which you are thankful.

November 1 it sank into my brain what I had done. If I had asked, challenged each of you to do this, then I was obligated to do it also! So, I began to post each day ways in which my life had been blessed on that particular day by God or how I had seen God at work and had been moved to thankfulness. Unfortunately for Facebook readers who tend to like to keep it simple, short, and maybe lots of pictures, my musings would sometimes get longer until I realized. Uh oh, I am really blogging!

Again, my mind started churning. So, this is an experiment in blogging. I will continue to post on Facebook my daily thanksgvings - under the title, "What are you thankful for today?" but I will also include them here. Then, come December, I will be posting something that I hope you will see as a devotional (I won't promise daily, though, that is the goal). Let me know what you think about these musings. If enough people enjoy them, I will attempt to continue. And, if I am truly blessed, you will find a bit of Jesus to touch you life. blessings!


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